Who’s That in the Mirror?

Who’s That in the Mirror?

It was a day like any other day. You got up early, forgot to count your blessings, jumped in the shower, got dressed, made breakfast, and on your way out the door, you glanced at the hallway mirror. And who do you see?

No, that wasn’t you staring back. It couldn’t be! You’re a lot better looking than that. Better dressed, better put together, and above-all, you are full of life and spunk. So, who’s that in the mirror? Do you look again, do you keep on going, OR do you dare face this person who’s beginning to look like a stranger? What do you do?

You have many choices. And that’s one of the problems. Some folks decide to keep on going. The belief of the disbelief is overwhelming. Their eyes are playing tricks, and so they make a mental note to see an eye doctor, on the outside chance, though they’re very young in their mind’s eye, they may, after all, need glasses.

Others simply refuse to acknowledge what they see or they may decide to deal with it later, and later, of course, never comes.

And then there are those who find the courage to take a second look. If you’re going to be shocked, might as well do it fully present and in integrity.

And the process of “what happened” begins. Now you are looking at the hard facts, take responsibility for your part in the game of life, and assess where did it all go, and, was it worth it?

Now is time to look inwardly. The person in the mirror is but a physical reflection of who you look like; however, what’s happened to your soul, to your emotions, to your mental wellness and sense of stability? Can you see that in the mirror? If you look hard enough you will.

The questions continue:

Are you happy?
Are you having fun?
Can you laugh with others?
Can you laugh at yourself?
Do you dance down the grocery store’s aisles?
Do you feel like hugging others?
Do you offer to hug others, even if virtually?
Do you still want to help others?
Do you search for a higher sense of purpose?
Do you know what you want most of the time?
Have you created a business around your lifestyle?
Are you enjoying your career and have a fulfilling job?
Are you content?


What needs to change?
Who needs to go?
Who or what can stay?
What needs to bring joy to your life?
Can you turn lemons into Margaritas?
Do you have enough life-lines that can help?
Are you surrounded by people that love you? And… do you love them back?

When you are lucky enough to encounter those “mirror moments” thank your lucky stars as an examination of your life is being requested, and a life well examined, is a life well lived. You have time to make changes, and they will feed your soul. Remember the legend of Dorian Gray? You don’t have to be like him. Take care of your soul first, all else will fall into place.

And here’s the kicker: Be thankful to your mirror as because of it, you can now have a huge celebration of life, to include your accomplishments, your courage, and the big-hearted person that you are. Congratulations, and celebrate YOU!

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