Vision – Seeing is Achieving

Vision – Seeing is Achieving

Each of us needs to have vision. Not the vision that is seen through our eyes but that which is revealed in our hearts. The vision of your heart will enable you see pass the limitations of time, revealing to you a future that only you can create. The vision of your heart will reveal your true potential and power. The vision of your heart will elevate your mind and expand your thinking so that you would truly believe that all things are possible. We were all created on purpose for a purpose. Your parents cannot assign purpose to you. You must discover this yourself. However, the clues to your purpose are not hard to find. They are hidden in plain sight! It is only for you recognize that what you see in your heart is not a pipe dream but a window into your future and a revelation of your purpose. This book was written to help you realize your purpose and your destiny by enabling you to:


• Understand who really you are,

• Discover your passion

• Understand the significance of your vision

• Discover your creative power

• Manifest your vision

• Unleash your awesome potential.


This book will inspire you to believe in your dreams and hang out in your future. Your future is ahead of you – it lies within you. See beyond the limitations of your circumstances and dare to dream big.


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