The Need for Clarity

The Need for Clarity

A key consideration for overcoming procrastination, and breaking mental barriers is the need for clarity. We need clear values, clear goals, clear vision (destiny), clear roles and a clear self image. Clarity will enable you to stay focused even when chaos reigns all around you. Decisions are easier to make when you have clarity. The (mental) law of concentration postulates that the more you focus and concentrate on your goals, the quicker your goals will be achieved. Your ability to concentrate on your goals is dependent on the clarity of your goals (and the passion you have to achieve them).

Confusion is the presence of things that are of no help to you. This is true of your external circumstances as well as your internal thoughts and beliefs. Therefore clarity can be obtained by identifying what helps you and what hinders you and eliminating the latter. What thoughts are hindering you? What beliefs are hindering you? What habits are hindering you? WHO is hindering you? When looking at who is hindering you, it is important to distinguish between those who should not be in your life and those who are purposely placed in your life to present challenges. Don’t avoid challenges as they present the opportunity for promotion!


Clarity is really about making things simple.

The mental barriers that stand in our way are the result of a confused and cluttered mind. Cluttered with beliefs that only serve to limit and devalue us. We do not realize how much mental energy is being spent by the needless processing of triviality within the mind. All action starts from mental energy or thought impulse. When this energy is wasted on things of no benefit we find it difficult to become motivated. This is energy that could be better used in more creative endeavors that make the difference between broke and millionaire status.

One of the most effective tools for making room in your mind is the wastepaper basket! You will be surprised at the difference it will make to your mind by throwing out all the junk mail, magazines, post-it notes etc. that have been stored for weeks, months or even years. Each of those things holds a place in your mind as something you have to deal with at some later date. The fact that you have not dealt with it by now is proof that it cannot be that important. Try it for yourself, go through your office or entire house and have a good clear out. Be brutal and resist the urge to hoard. You will notice the difference to your mind immediately.

To gain clarity you become organized. The mantra for being organized is ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. A disorganized person uses more physical and mental energy just to function than someone who is organized. When you are organized you can operate with greater speed and efficiency. I cannot stress the importance of being organized. Being disorganized is the main reason for failure in all aspects of life. Therefore it is vital to get into the habit of organizing your life.


It is important to write a mission statement as stipulated in Habakkuk 2:2. Writing down your mission has the effect of crystallizing or engraving your goal in your mind. Your mind is the rudder of your life causing you to move in the direction of your most dominant thoughts. Get into the habit of reading, analyzing and rewriting your mission. By doing this you will develop more clarity as you start to understand the breadth and depth of what your mission entails. For example, when I started my graphic design business (Ministry In Art), my slogan was ‘communicating vision in graphic excellence’. As the years passed, I developed a wider sense of my purpose and realized that this slogan was too restrictive as it pertained only to graphic design. I have a deep passion to see people excel in life and have dedicated much of my time in studying the art of achievement and human potential. This is for the sole purpose of teaching others through various mediums of communication. Now Ministry In Art has evolved into a media company with the slogan ‘Communicating Excellence’. Less words, greater scope!


Make Congruent Choices

Once you are clear about your purpose, you must make choices that are congruent with that purpose. This is the key element to organizing your life. Remember this three pronged rule ‘life management = time management = decision management’.

The outcome of your life is determined entirely upon the quality of your decisions. God declares in Deuteronomy 30:19 “I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live.” Life can be defined as purpose, as this is the only reason for your existence. Therefore death is any option contrary to your purpose. All decisions boiled down to life and death! It is important to note that the scripture says, “that you and your descendants may live.” Purpose related decisions pertain to all aspects of life especially your family and choice of spouse. The different areas of your life are all intricately linked. A bad decision in your social life can have drastic effects on your family or career.


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