Stormzy to fund Cambridge scholarships for black students

Stormzy to fund Cambridge scholarships for black students

While a majority of the artists mark their territory in the music industry to win the hearts of their approval—Stormzy is considered a godsend black artist, who has taken a pledge to fund Cambridge scholarships for black students. Cambridge University is a dream to a young generation, which could leverage their success and opportunities to a next level. The grime music artist, Stormzy, has taken a life-changing initiative to fund complete scholarship for two black British students, and they will be achieving their dreams and ambitions under the care of the grime artist.

Stormzy has taken the responsibility to pay the tuition fees for the two black students. He will also take responsibility for maintaining a grant for four years pertaining to an undergraduate course. Stormzy takes an immense amount of pride in his background, and he wants to give back to his community by alleviating their financial stress.

When it was inquired from the artist why he wants to fund the scholarships for the black students, he expressed the concern that no black student was accepted at Cambridge colleges between the year 2012 and 2016, and he wants to break the stereotype that black students cannot afford to go to an Ivy League university by helping them with their tuition fees.

“In school and college I had the ability and was almost destined to go to one of the top universities. But that didn’t happen for myself… so hopefully there’s another young black student out there that can have that opportunity through my scholarship.” It sounds corny coming from a rapper, but I did love learning and I loved studying so I enjoyed that side of things,” he says.

Stormzy is passionate about education, and he believes that the members of the black community should educate themselves, and they should not hold back from pursuing education in top academic fields.

Stormzy is highly admirable of his fans, and he aspires to include his fans in his celebrations. For instance, the grime artist celebrated his birthday in Spain along with his fans and friends. He virtually sent out birthday invitations to his fans via an iPad, which followed a series of thrilling events towards the commemoration of his birthday. Few hours later, his fans gathered at the designated location to witness Stormzy cut his birthday cake, which was an imitation of the iced version of Stormzy relaxing on a sunbed. He proceeded to make a speech and expressing gratitude towards his friends, fans, family, and God, and he celebrated the rest of the event by dancing and enjoying with his fans. His fans are immensely grateful to him for his services towards the black community, and Stormzy, in return, goes beyond a mile to give up to the community he comes from.

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