Problem Solving Tips

Problem Solving Tips

Adopt a healthy attitude towards problems

Each problem you face provides for you a unique opportunity to learn and to grow.
In the process of solving a problem you will become a better, smarter and stronger person. All of the great rewards in life are reserved for those who can solve problems. In this respect your problem is a gift.


Use the problem

Let your problems motivate you to grow and to succeed. You can do this by deciding to learn your way around, through or out of every problem you face. By concentrating your efforts on finding a solution you will also squeeze the hidden genius out of your self and reap the satisfaction of knowing that you are totally unstoppable.


Focus on solutions

When problems arise, as they inevitably will, you must manage your mind in a way that makes you solution oriented and not problem obsessed. Ask, seek and knock for solutions and they will appear. Getting frustrated, despondent and depressed about the problem doesn’t produce results. Determination to achieve your goal, on the other hand, is the source of solution orientation. Never give up!


Create options

Your sense of control in a situation is the critical component for problem solving. That sense of control is determined by the number of options available to you. No options equal despair! Multiple options give you a powerful sense of control and the determination to achieve your goals.


Brain storm

Brain storming is a powerful problem solving technique. It involves writing out as many possible solutions to a given problem no matter how ludicrous those solutions sound. Don’t stop until you have at least 20 potential solutions. The technique works best with two or three others also contributing to the list of solutions. When the exercise is done, you can pick the best solutions to explore, develop and implement.


Ask the experts

You should surround yourself with a network of professional advisors including legal, accounting and financial professionals. It is also a good idea to work with life coaches and to have access to consultants. Your personal library should also contain reference books that can offer generic legal and professional advice on a range of personal and professional matters. Why waste your time and your brain on problems that could be solved with a phone call.

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