Prayer Therapy – Stop Hurting

Prayer Therapy – Stop Hurting

A basic definition of the word therapy is the treatment of illness and disease. This applies to physical and mental illnesses. There are many common types of therapies or treatments as we know. Drug therapy, surgery, radiation chemical or chemotherapy are common types of therapies used to treat physical illnesses.

Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental or emotional disorders by psychological techniques such as counseling and other methods.

Prayer Therapy is the practice of using prayer therapeutically in a clinical, intensive treatment and learning session for the purpose of emotional and mental healing and wholeness.

Prayer Therapy engages the person’s SOUL (mind, will, and emotions) in a conscience process of TRANSFORMATION; rather than just praying for them to be healed.

If you’ve ever been hurt mentally and emotionally and sincerely want God to help you, this book is for you! Let your hope be renewed and your faith be restored. No matter what happened to bring dis-ease to your soul (mind will, emotions), and no matter how long ago or how recently these things occurred, you can be healed and free…of ANYTHING!    I’ll teach you how in this book.


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