Maxine Booth

Maxine Booth

This month we feature an interview with Presenter, Singer, Song Writer, Dancer, Choreographer and Actress – Maxine Booth! She has been signed to Renk Records, Sanctuary, Universal and a few other labels and released singles including “Let It Flow” which recently re-appeared in the German viva dance chart. Maxine was the featured artist in the Reggae Boyz world cup promotional song and was the supporting artist and dancer for the M-Beat and General Levi world tour. As a Presenter she has also appeared on BBC for various small programs also doing Vox Box interviews as well as live shows over the years.

MVP Tell us about where you grew up.

MB Firstly, growing up as a child were the best days ever. I grew up in Manchester, London and Jamaica. When I go to any of these places they are all home for me. My relationships with Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins and also my Step Family seemed very intense when I think back as I lived in all these places mentioned above for a good amount of time. I can honestly say they have shaped me into the woman I am today.

MVP Did you face many challenges as a child or teenager? If so how did you overcome them?

MB My teenage years was challenging as I was bullied at school just for who I was. I remember being so happy and very talkative and one day that all came to an end when my friends decided to turn against me. I was broken! I had one friend in particular that still wanted to be my friend but we had to keep it a secret. As an adult you look at this situation and realize that I really didn’t do anything, apart from being me. I am still faced with this challenge even in my adult years at times. I soon moved home so it didn’t last very long but from my bullying days I learned to pick my friends very carefully. Body image was also a difficult one for me as I never saw myself has being pretty or beautiful regardless of what people would comment about me in any shape or form. So when given a compliment I am not the best receiver. I’m still a work in progress with that one!

maxine_main2MVP At what point did you start writing songs and singing and how was your talent discovered to the point of signing up with a record label?

MB I remember writing my first song from start to finish at the age of 15. I still have the book somewhere. The song was about my boyfriend at the time that I was really crazy about. I just wanted him to know how I felt. I then recorded it a year later and it all started from there. I knew a guy who had his own studio who was big on the radio himself at the time, he wanted to sign me but I soon realized that this is not the big picture. The first label that signed me and took me all over the world when I was 18 was Renk Records. They discovered me when I was singing with a band at the time in East London. At the end of the show I was approached by one of the Directors and asked to contact them. From this day forward doors just kept on opening for me regarding my singing and dance choreography.

MVP You have not only proved to be a talented singer and performing artist but an entrepreneur as well. Would you like to tell the readers about your successful businesses?

MB Wow…Where do I start?…. I own a Dance Fitness and Sports agency, I also am a Professional Make up Artist. I am a presenter on Sky for Loveworld TV with my own talk show. My fashion label is at early stages and I recently started an advertising company which is my little baby at the moment.

MVP You are a multi-faceted talented individual with multiple gifts and talents. Tell us the secret of your success because a lot of people fail to achieve anything when they attempt to do it all at once?

MB I can honestly say that I need people around me to help me and sometimes I know I have not been the easiest person to work with because I want everything done yesterday. The truth is if you can see what you want to achieve then you can do it. It’s really important that you center yourself everyday by making sure your days are productive and you are not wasting time. If you do one little thing a day towards where you want to be or what you want to do then you are heading in the right direction.

My motivation has always been that I do not want to work for any company again. I found it soul destroying because the money I would earn and the hours they wanted me to put in could never help me achieve the things I want to do. On top of that, I do not want to work because I have to work, but work because I ‘want’ to work.

maxine_main4MVP What countries has your versatility taken you?

MB A few of the career paths I have chose have taken me to places such as Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Venezuela, South Africa, Jamaica, Miami, New York, Japan. This is all that comes to mind at the moment there could be more, but these are the places to me that where most memorable and I would not have changed my journey to get where I am today. Regarding my music tours, I can honesty say at times it was a very lonely road although if you want to be a success it’s important that you get use to you own company as you will never be able to class yourself as part of the crowd.

MVP You now host the Virtuous Woman Show. Please tell us what it is all about?

MB I have been doing Virtuous Woman for 3 years now. It is an amazing platform for woman wanting to help other women going through similar challenges. My topics are always the ones that people don’t really want to talk about. But I always say as long as it is not aimed at one person directly, if the cap fits then wear it. If not you may know someone else that may benefit from what we have to say. But everyone one the program is authentic and definitely qualified to speak about the given topic.

I do feel so privileged to be in this position because at the time presenting was something I was always doing but jobs where few and far between until I was approached by a woman who said she has been watching me and would love for me to present a show that she was producing. God made it very clear to me that I would have my own program although I still was not sure this really was going to happen, it just seemed too good to me true. But of course never doubt God and what he speaks to us on the inside as it is all happening now. I have just been offered this week the opportunity to host another TV program called “Moments with Maxine.” This will focus more on my life and other ways I can help people but I am confident you will here about that in the future as it is all being put together. As we speak, the studio is being built.

MVP Your life story is really inspiring have you ever considered writing a book?

MB I would love to write a book but at this moment in time I do still feel like I am in the middle of my journey and really would not know how to fit that in right now. The other thing I think about is how explicit would I be about my life as things have not always been easy. I was flicking back remembering at the age of 20 when I was homeless and what that felt like for me at the time. I then realized that writing about the pass can really bring back lots of emotions so I now I know I need to be in the right place when I start getting involved with book writing.

MVP Any down side or difficult challenge that you faced in pursuing your career?

MB Yes of course in fact always. I am told that I am confident, strong, independent, good looking and many other positive things. But when growing up as a teenager I was told all the opposite from various people so this adjustment to received all these beautiful truths about what people see in me can be a real battle. That’s why the word of God has become my mirror for how I see myself on a daily basis. I know for a fact if I didn’t have God in my life I would never have this passion and drive to fulfill every dream and leave this world empty.

MVP Tell us about a few people, even from other walks of life that have made an impact on you and whose work you admire.

MB It’s funny someone asked me this question the other day and I was telling them that I have never been that girl to have photos of Pop Stars and celebrities on my wall. I just didn’t know them! We never know people in the limelight like celebrities personally as media is very powerful and will give the public what they want to hear.

The truth is I had a Grandmother who has now passed on who was very inspirational to me. She always encouraged me too keep looking ahead and even when you want to stop you just got to keep it moving. The past was her past and she left it there and always looked to the future even in her old age. She was incredible and she loved me unconditionally….

MVP What has been the happiest moment or highlight of your career to date?

MB I really cannot say as every highlight in each career has brought something different and have all been heart-felt as I know the challenges I have had getting here. I can never deny that I just feel Blessed! I know without love and support from friends and family when I needed it most this journey would not have been possible.


MVP You are an amazing woman who has had a lot of significant achievements. What would you like to share with our readers to inspire and motivate them?

MB Never think that a dream is too big, the bigger the dream the more you know it’s the right one. One thing per day towards where you want to go will get you there in the end, so keep it moving! Even if you have failed in one area the important thing is you keep going and don’t keep talking about past failures because those are the things that are making you even better that you where before.

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