Male Premature Ejaculation – Do Kegels Work for Delaying Ejaculation?

Male Premature Ejaculation – Do Kegels Work for Delaying Ejaculation?

Male premature ejaculation is a huge problem that many men suffer from. Very few do anything about finding solutions, and many men don’t even realize that there are reliable resources available for preventing premature ejaculation.

The men that do seek help often try to turn towards a pill for the solution, which is really not the way to go if you want permanent and natural results.

Now let’s talk about “kegels”. This refers to an exercise that is supposed to strengthen the muscle responsible for ejaculation. Most men have weak muscles responsible for ejaculatory control, and hence they suffer from ejaculating much too quickly during sex.

Briefly, let’s mention where this muscle is and how you can trigger it. Located between the testicles and anus, lies what is commonly referred to as the “PC muscles”. Try urinating and stopping mid-stream. Feel the small muscles being worked. Those are the PC muscles. And those are the muscles you train when you perform kegel exercises.

Basically, kegels are performed by simply flexing these muscles for a number of repetitions or holding them in a static contraction for a number of seconds. This is put into a routine, which is often performed daily. This essentially is kegel training.

Can kegel training delay ejaculating too quickly? Does it really work?

Yes, but with a very important caveat.

Exercising with kegels will strengthen the muscle and you can actually notice a good degree of development after regular kegel exercising. And that is the key – training kegels on a regular basis.

The reason this type of training will fail, is if the individual believes he can exercise his PC muscles for a few days and then hop in the sack and perform for long lasting periods of time. It doesn’t work that way.

Now you may in fact last up to a minute or so longer after only a few days or a week of strengthening your ejaculation muscles. But you likely won’t be where you want to be. Most men want to be able to last for as long as they want, achieving total control over their ejaculation ability.

That can be accomplished through kegel exercises. But it is going to take a few weeks at least, if not several. It will vary from guy to guy, but in general you should expect to become stronger after 2-3 weeks. Perhaps you will be where you want to be in your lasting ability after that amount of time. Or you may feel you need to continue performing more exercises to achieve optimal lasting ability.

Here’s a good way to test your lasting ability after having trained kegels for a number of weeks. Try masturbating and when you feel ejaculation come on, squeeze your PC’s and try to prevent the urge to come. If you’ve been training, the first time should be easy. The real test will be when you continue on masturbating and you try to prevent ejaculating a second, third or fourth time. If you can hold off five times you are doing great and making huge progress. Most guys have trouble holding back after the first time the urge to ejaculate becomes present. So if you are repeatedly in control, again, you are doing great.

Kegels do work. But they only work if you practice them consistently.

Kegels will not work if you only practice them a few times or occasionaly in a non-consistent fashion.

They really are amazing exercises that can deliver long lasting results. For most men, this is a huge step towards a much more satisfying sex life. It makes sex much more enjoyable for the male, and obviously, much more pleasurable for his male or female partner.

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