Learning to go with the flow

Learning to go with the flow

Every generation has been fortunate to have great masters who show us the possibilities. In fact we all love to see these masters at work; it inspires us and restores our faith and belief in the fact that there is more to us then what we are currently expressing. These masters demonstrate through their life something we all long to see in ourselves.

The ability to communicate love to this world through our own gift. They have somehow discovered how to use their gift to bring joy, healing, peace and love. They have taken their gift and have literally stood into the flow of what they chose to give. Whether that is joy, healing, peace or love. These masters are givers at heart and they let nothing stand in the way of them giving their gift to this world. They have mastered going with the flow of what they desire to give.

What is it that you desire to give and can you take your mind off all the distractions in order to accomplish it?

Believe it or not this world is waiting for you to find yourself in the flow by sharing your gift. All of your frustrations stem from a deep knowing your gift exists and a lack of awareness on how to express it. Persist you must to discover this gift, and then remove anything that would hinder you going with the flow of it.

You have to decide what is more important, what people think of you, what people expect of you or manifesting who you really are. You have to do whatever you need to do to go with the flow and live a purposeful life. The choice is yours to make.

You’ve got to learn how to get out of your own way. Getting out of one’s way is a tremendous challenge for most for the simple reason that most people see other things and people in the way and not themselves. However we are really the only ones who stand in the way of getting into the flow of mastery.

Things that we place in our way are perceptions about:

• Who we are?
• Who everyone else is in relationship to us?
• Culture
• Beliefs
• Challenges
• Surroundings
• This world
• Developing ourselves
• Fear
• Social Conditioning

This is just to name a few, however if it is your desire to learn how to start living in the flow of a more purposeful life then you must learn from others. Watch the masters, and allow them to mentor you on how to go with the flow. After all there is no difference between you and them. Only the allowance of their gift to be expressed to this world.

Love yourself enough to move you out of your way and give this world your love gift. We are waiting!

There are many keys to success like, getting our mindset open for it, having persistence and being around people who are thinking like we think and having someone on your side whose only motive is to see you operate in your full potential.

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