How To Activate Your Inner GPS For Success!

How To Activate Your Inner GPS For Success!

My wife and I are having our first baby early next year. With this in mind, my motivational factor is to educate and provide for our daughter as best as possible. Because my motivation is so strong, I wholeheartedly believe that no obstacles will prevent me from achieving this goal, especially when our daughter’s livelihood is on the line. Therefore, I’ll continue to persist until my goal is achieved.

After you’ve created a map and determined your motivation for accomplishing your goals, the next step is to jot down all the necessary steps for reaching your desired destination. The more details included, the better. Remember, you want to have a detailed action-plan with timelines that’ll help you progress DAILY toward reaching your goals in an effort to achieve your dreams efficiently.

Once the items mentioned above are completed, the last step is to put your plan into action by activating your inner GPS. Of course, you must also confirm that your inner GPS is working as intended. To achieve this feat, I recommend using your reticular activating system (RAS).

What is RAS And How Can It Help Me?

The reticular activating system (RAS) is part of the mammalian brain located in the brain stem. Consisting of a network of neural fibers and neurons, the RAS is made up of two parts:

Ascending RAS – Connects to your brain’s thalamus, hypothalamus, and cortex.
Descending RAS – Connects to your cerebellum and other nerves responsible for various senses.

Overall, the RAS plays a vital role in controlling your behavioral motivation, sleep, wakefulness, attentiveness, and even breathing. More importantly, your RAS will help you filter out repeated, and unnecessary stimuli, in an effort to prevent overload and to help you consciously focus on things that matter most. To illustrate, I mentioned above that my motivational factor is to educate and provide for our daughter.

After activating my inner GPS and RAS, I began to notice a variety of methods that’ll help me not only educate her but also provide her with financial stability in the future. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up buying educational toys, along with opening a stock account for her even before she’s born. By filling her account with stocks that’ll be of interest to her as a kid, such as Disney (DIS) and Hasbro (HAS), I have no doubt that she’ll have fun while learning about saving, investing, capitalism, taxes, etc. The best part is that she could learn, earn, and set herself up for future success.

This concept is similar to how people begin noticing certain things more, especially items that they’ve bought or are planning on buying. Let’s say that one of your main goal is to purchase a Range Rover so that you could comfortably fit your entire family in the car for road trips. Because of this, you’ll realize that your RAS has been activated and you’ll begin seeing more Range Rover than ever before. This in turn, will help you finalize on the type of Range Rover you want, along with providing you with a myriad of ideas to help you acquire this particular vehicle for your family.

Simply put, your RAS can be of tremendous help if used correctly. Personally, I believe that this is why visualization and the law of attraction works!

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