Clinton Sparks

Clinton Sparks

There are few DJ’s that can produce the excitement that Clinton Sparks does in the club, which is what makes him such a hot commodity for promoters who fly him around the world to perform. When he is at work you can feel the energy and passion he has for the music. As he aggressively switches from record to record the crowd feeds off his intensity.

Clinton’s dedication, energy and attitude truly define him as an artist. Hearing and watching him play is a performance in itself!

Clinton_tallMVP Looking back on the days and nights you spent in your moms basement perfecting your craft, who influenced your music the most?

CS Life has always been the main influence in my music. How I felt, What was going on around me but as far as others who were successful that left an impression on me are Teddy Riley, Freddy Mercury & Rivers Cuomo.

MVP What does the ultimate party consist of, with no restrictions and no restraints?

CS I have been apart of so many parties from the lamest to the craziest. I guess I would say a party where the DJ gets lowered into the club by a helicopter thru the clubs retractable roof, surprise guests come out & perform & everyone gets free t-shirts,cds,etc. & the club is @ the Palms in Las Vegas. If not that, then an ultimate party would be a gathering w/ lots of tea & cookies.

MVP How is it that you move the crowd the way you do? What inspires you?


CS People inspire me. Being alive & able to have such an amazing job inspires me. I get to listen to music,play music,make music,travel the world, meet awesome people & make a decent living by doing so. So all your seeing is a guy filled w/ enthusiasm & excitement & that stuff is contagious.

MVP There is nothing like a great DJ, describe if any the rush you get from the climax of the crowd?

CS When people are having a good time, its like an adrenaline rush. You know you caused it & you don’t want them to ever come down from that. I always feel like I have to prove myself everytime I play so when the crowds response is positive, its great to feel like you have done a good job & hopefully left a lasting impression.

MVP You are a multi-talented DJ, Producer, and now recording artist, which of these is your absolute passion?

CS To me they are all outlets to get these ideas out of my head so I have passion for each but initially my goal was to be an artist, then a songwriter & producer but it was difficult to get the industry to listen being a kid from Boston so I realized if I made myself a popular DJ, it would be much easier to make those aspirations become a reality. Mission accomplished.

MVP Out of all the places you’ve been, where in the world is your favorite crowd located? And why?

CS I love crowds that just know & love music & I would have to say the #1 place that you can play the widest variety of music & they go crazy as if its the hottest record out right now is Toronto, Canada. Not to mention, they are ridiculously courteous people.

MVP To what do you attribute your success in rising above the sea of dj’s out there?


CS I have never really paid attention or competed w/ another DJ. I just set my goals & stay focused on them. I would say an attribute to my overall success is my desire to never be broke or homeless again. Other major elements would be patience,little sleep, a true passion to work & make people happy & an insatiable appetite to win.

MVP You are a Producer who DJ’s (or vice versa), two very different functions in the music business. What do you get from both?

CS I never set out to be a DJ, I wanted to be a producer but no one would listen to my beats & I realized if I became a crackin DJ that labels would have to @ least give me a courtesy listen & I knew if I stategically angled myself to be on radio in multiple cities that I would keep running into the same artist & build relationships. It worked & that’s how I was able to get Akon my first big hit , “Sorry, Blame it on me”. Producing allows me to get ideas in my head out, musically & lyrically. I love writing a conceptual song that people hear & either laugh or cry. DJing is another way to express creativity but w/ more of an immediate gratification plus I love to perform.

MVP There is a generation coming on your heels, how do you stay a step ahead?

CS Its pretty hard to keep up w/ me, I don’t really hang out, watch sports,play video games,etc. I work & I plan on working now more than ever before w/ my album, my tv show coming on karmalooptv, producing for major albums, expanding my syndicated radio show, taping E! News, Touring & performing @ my new residency @ The Palms in Las Vegas. So hopefully my work ethic can help inspire those in the new generation. Infact, I encourage them to chase me & hopefully we can work together. I don’t feel threatened, there’s room for us all to win & have fun.

MVP Any advice to those still swimming out there caught in the rip tide of the house party?

CS You can’t really teach ambition & drive & motivation & desire. This is one of the most common questions I get asked & I always say you need to sacrifice & be able to check your ego & stay focused. If you get anything from me, know that I don’t know what an obstacle is, I don’t hear the word “no” & your only as caught up as you choose to be. Saying someone is blocking you or not helping you is a cop out on acknowledging you might not have what it takes. YOU can make anything happen but you must first get out of your own way. Good Luck & I wish you the Best. Get Familiar!

MVP What’s next for Clinton Sparks?

CS More life & believe I will not take it for granted. I wake up excited to have received the invite to the party called life & am not missing any of it. Join the Party!

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