Best Cities In The World – An Insider’s Guide

Best Cities In The World – An Insider’s Guide

Countless travel websites online enlist the best cities in the world based on their tourism potential, history and culture, affordable living, natural beauty, economy or general infrastructure. An ideal livable city indeed offers all, or most of these features. Here are the best cities in the world in terms of economic stability, remarkable infrastructure, cost effective living and outstanding sightseeing.

Sydney, Australia

Australia enjoys the reputation of having at least 3-4 of its cities frequently listed among the most livable cities of the world, including Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Sydney has it all – exemplary architecture, finest infrastructure, some of the most renowned universities and institutes in the world and wonderful, hospitable people. It is undoubtedly a tourist’s heaven with its many attractions. Sydney, with its remarkable transportation, education and law and order systems, is one of the most livable cities in the world. Home to one of the most iconic architectural wonders, the Sydney Opera House, the city has achieved impressive ranking from all international travel websites.

Vancouver, Canada

Peace, serenity, natural beauty, and one of the most fascinating skylines in the world are all features of Canada’s pride, Vancouver. Many people are of the opinion that Vancouver has the potential of being Canada’s version of Hollywood, with its high-end living, astounding sky scrapers overlooking lakes and a stable economy. Vancouver is indeed the perfect example of man-made and natural wonders existing in harmony to create an unparalleled effect. The general planning of the city is remarkable, which is why it is frequently seen in tourism websites and travel guides from around the world.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna isn’t only a tourist’s paradise, but is also among the top most livable cities on the globe. Vienna boasts a rich cultural and historical background, which is the centre point of attraction for all tourists. With its remarkable architecture, museums, historical structures, celebration of art and music, and breathtaking beauty – Vienna has it all. For people who enjoy cultural festivals, art in all forms, history, stunning fashion trends, excellent weather, film, music and dance, Vienna is the best city in the world to visit as a tourist or to live in. It is so much more than just a pretty place; it is one of the most happening cities of the world that welcomes all those who remain young at heart regardless of their age.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is home to state of the art medical facilities, educational institutes, remarkable transport systems and vigilant law and order authorities. All these factors and more bring Auckland among the top best cities in the world for residents and tourists alike. With its iconic Sky Tower, the city enjoys a breathtaking skyline overlooking harbors on Pacific Ocean as well as the Tasman Sea. The City of Sails has stunning azure beaches, exemplary architecture, outstanding sea harbors, lush greenery and excellent weather. The geographical features of the city also include grand volcanoes most of which are dormant or extinct, which attract tourists from all parts of the globe.

Helsinki, Finland

On countless online forums, Helsinki has been named one of the most livable cities in the world, and there are a number of factors that contribute to its position on the list. Known among tourists as one of the most happening cities in the world with its many fairs, carnivals, festivals and cultural celebrations all year round, the city offers something for just about everyone. The urban lifestyle, interesting markets, distinct architecture, scrumptious cuisine and the most hospitable people, Helsinki is indeed one of best cities in the world.

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