When it comes to making your own millions there has never been a better time despite the doom and gloom of the economic climate. Millionaires account for 10% of U.S. population, three - quarters of which are self-made millionaires. Opportunities to improve your quality of life and to live out your dreams are constantly around you every day. We want to help you to recognise and seize those opportunities!

With this goal in mind MVP-Life presents cutting edge information on how to become an outstanding achiever and a Most Valuable Player. This information includes techniques from field leaders, captains of industry and success icons presenting you with the very best ideas, strategies and tools for success. MVP-Life is a complete showcase of how to get any result you desire in life whether it be a fulfilling relationship, a healthy and fit body, a thriving business or vocational success.

However success is not success if you cannot enjoy it! Therefore MVP-Life gives you the latest entertainment news and reviews, restaurant guide, holidays, fashion tips and much more. In each issue MVP-Life will feature a well known celebrity as well other success icons, giving you the golden opportunity to observe the beliefs, lifestyle and strategies of others who have made it to the top of the ladder.

"A great flame follows a little spark." – Dante Alighieri, Poet.

Our wish is to ignite the great potential that lies in all people of all cultures, from all walks of life.

To Your Success!

Allan Sealy